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“ First Response assisted Environmental Quality during an asbestos abatement project with the USEPA. The staff of First Response was professional, efficient and unified throughout their performance.
We know that we can call on First Response in the future to assist us with our projects with more than favorable results.”
Peter Lawrence
Happy Customer

About 1st Response Restoration Services

About 1st Response Restoration Services

When you choose First Response…. We will make your house a home again!

About Us

First Response Restoration Services is a local family owned business.  We are a full service restoration company that offers expertise in Asbestos-Abatement, Reconstruction, Demolition, Water, Fire and Mold. 

We are grateful for having had the opportunity to help clean up the Alameda fire and the Ashbritt Fire.  Knowing how many lives were impacted, we hope our cleanup helps people who were most affected forge ahead.

Some of our other larger disaster cleanups and restoration jobs include, the Rogue Valley Diesel spill, Sky Lakes Medical Center large water loss, and abatement at the  Crater Lake Lodge.

Offering full service residential, commercial reconstruction and complete repairs, restoration and abatement services, with over 42 years of experience in the Rogue Valley. We specialize in water damage, fire damage and environmental services.

First Response has the knowledge and specialty equipment to accomplish what is best for you.